Sunday, February 14, 2021

Being Wise Two

Being Wise Two February 14, 2021

Day after day I see the same things:
photos of my twin grandchildren when
toddlers. And my son Tim at age ten.
A sprawling orchid blooms in my
window. Finnish islands carved by
glaciers on one wall. Books and boxes
of books are everywhere. Paintings
and pictures on the walls. A few
plants here and there. The dining
table with its odds and ends, address
labels, planner, medicine, placemats,
and silverware. We eat supper 
together. Last night, soup. He had
chicken noodle, and I had vegan–braised
vegetables. A CD player lives under
the lively orchid, and a long-stemmed,
vibrant plant throws itself around the
computer table seeking light and
recognition. The email today brought
me another order of Baba Summer Two,
newly arrived in one big box and two
small boxes. Because of the window,
this corner is cold. But I wear many
layers, and a blanket over my legs.
Clutter dominates my household,
and too many books. Tim builds a
fire with wood Janet brought. She’s
always a step ahead of me. She
worries I’ll get cold. Lately we have
rain, wind, and low thirties, but sun
will return. Out the back window
I can see my hens and their guard
dog rooster running to the orchard
and back. Under my desk, a chaotic
pile of receipts saved for filing with
my taxes. My body still lives and
thrives. I sleep when I don’t want
to sleep, and stay awake when I
want to sleep. My dreams are
coming true, despite setbacks and
delays. I suffer patience and humility.<

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