Sunday, March 13, 2011

Penny Weaver bakes gingerbread

These boys are good friends of mine, fishing in Finland, where the water is clean, recycling is a serious business, and they have very few nuclear plants.  Below is an excerpt from my third mystery novel, Nuclear Apples?  Penny Weaver is making gingerbread.
NUCLEAR APPLES? Prologue: September 15, 1992
 Penny Weaver dragged her 20-pound bag of rye flour out of the freezer, got soy flour from the refrigerator, and lifted down a quart jar of black strap molasses. With curtains of rain falling and her housemates out this Friday evening in September, she could take over the shared kitchen and fill it with the aroma of ginger and cinnamon. She had loved transforming a rainy day with gingerbread when her kids were little. Now, in her post-menopausal zest phase, she baked for pure pleasure and to think what she could do to help Cathy’s husband, Rick, who’d been arrested for murder.

His arrow had been found in the heart of P.R. Whopper, the public relations executive of their local public utility company, Carolina Power Development Corporation, nicknamed by local residents CPD, by which they meant: Certified Public Darkness.

Clearly Rick had been framed. The fact that he was African American and had been going after CPD for years didn’t help. Their group, ACTNOW (Against Continued Transporting of Nuclear Objectionable Waste), had unnerved CPD with their campaign to prevent more storage of hot nuclear waste at the plant 10 miles down the Haw River from Riverdell. Rick had educated their community group about the dangers of additional storage of "hot" rods in water.

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