Sunday, February 26, 2012

Killer Frost Pre-Sales

Cover of Killer Frost by Judy Hogan


 It’s possible now to buy, in advance, a copy of my first mystery novel, Killer Frost, actually in print from Mainly Murder Press in Connecticut, Sept. 1, 2012. The advance sales will make it possible for me to order copies at 40% discount, and then I can pay for my bookmarks and some other early expenses. I’m aiming to have 120 pre-sales! Then I can order 200 books.

I’m launching the book September 22, on the fall equinox, Saturday, 3-7 P.M. at my Hoganvillaea Farm, in Moncure, NC. If you’re nearby, you’re invited. I will provide some basics, but it’s pot luck, so bring a contribution, food, and or drinks. Even champagne, If you’re feeling especially celebratory. This is how to launch a book on a budget.

The paperback will cost: $15.95; the Nook and Kindle versions, $2.99 (order on line)

To order your copy from me now, to be picked up at launch or mailed:

Send $20 (covers postage and sales tax)
or $17 (to pick up) to Judy Hogan
PO Box 253
Moncure, NC 27559-0253


So: you see the cover above.

Here’s the plot:

When Penny Weaver agrees to teach freshmen composition at historically black St. Francis College, her teaching and relationship skills, not to mention her detective instincts, are more challenged than they’ve ever been. She falls in love with her boss, Oscar, who is very passionate about saving their students from ending up in prison because of how ill-prepared for college they are. When the Provost is killed, Oscar is the primary suspect, because of his anger at the Provost for not firing the History professor who traded sex for an A with Penny’s student Merilee. Penny’s detective friend and her husband, Kenneth, are investigating and ask her help, but because Oscar is confiding in her and she’s convinced he’s innocent, she doesn’t want to help them. She tries to throw suspicion on the abusive History Professor and the Vice President for Financial Affairs, formerly in prison for embezzlement.

After a spirited convocation speech on truth-telling, Penny’s students lead a protest about Merilee’s abuse, bad food, filthy dorms, but the President undercuts them by threatening to take away student scholarships. Penny struggles with her conflict: she loves her husband, but she can’t deny she loves Oscar.

Here are the comments from pre-publication reviews:

A charming puzzler of a traditional mystery, this classic academic mystery debut is a pageturner populated with layered, interesting characters. My hat is off to Judy Hogan on a stellar debut. I look forward to the further adventures of Professor Penny Weaver at St. Francis college!
–Julia Spencer-Fleming, New York Times Bestselling Author of One Was A Soldier.

Killer Frost deserved to be short-listed for the Malice Domestic prize. It is a fine first effort. I think we’ll be hearing more from Judy Hogan and her protagonist, Penny Weaver.
–Louise Penny, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Three Pines mysteries and winner of four Agathas.

Judy Hogan’s debut novel set in the world of academia gives us a hint of what we might expect from this author in the future. Her insight into what’s happening to today’s youth, her concerns and her empathy are directly reflected in her characters–be they good guys or bad.
–Kaye Barley, Blog Master at

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