Sunday, June 23, 2013

Last Week for Beaver Soul Pre-Sales

Drawing of beaver and snowgoose from Russian edition of Beaver Soul, by Mikhail Bazankov, Editor, Kostroma Writers Organization.

Beaver Soul sales–June 23, 2013

I am happy to report that my pre-sales of Beaver Soul are going up nicely.  As of this Sunday morning, I have 36 and need 19 more pre-sales to make 55 by Friday, June 28, my deadline.  Some of you got my gentle reminders that it really helps me to get this book out to have the minimum of 55 pre-sales.  I’m very grateful to those who responded by ordering it.  Remember, it could make nice Christmas gifts for those on your list who like the natural world, rivers, especially the Haw River here in Chatham, Alamance, etc., are curious about Russia, or know what it means to fall in love with another culture, its people, traditions, natural world.

The ordering info: $14.49 (includes postage), to Finishing Line Press, PO Box 1626, Georgetown, KY, 40324, or on line  If you want to check on whether your order went through okay, it’s to:

You also might enjoy looking me up on the North Carolina Writers’ Network website under Book Buzz, for July 5, a week from Friday,, where the news about Beaver Soul is posted.  Also last Monday, June 17, Jess Ferguson, who also belongs to Sisters in Crime and the Guppies (great unpublished), had my thoughts on being a real writer on her new blog:

Now here’s another little excerpt from Beaver Soul, to inspire you to buy this little book.


A drawing of Russian Cathedrals in Kostroma, by Mikhail Bazankov, from Russian edition of Beaver Soul.


Belief.  In the secret life of
the beaver to which she devotes her whole
intelligence in order to preserve her life,
her livelihood, and the lodge where her
children grow fat and strong; the lodge she
has hidden so well that I am baffled: I
can’t read the signs, tell whether the old
lodges are newly inhabited; I think not.
Probably she has a new nest; has outwitted
me; has not only safety on her mind, but
longevity.  She has learned from the river
winds how to fool the eye, how to blind the
heart that isn’t pure and able to believe
what it has seen.  The truth is always there:
it’s in the way the current follows the
river bed, however dammed and held back that
flowing is.  And the beaver’s life leaves
proofs a trusting heart has no trouble taking
for evidence: a few fresh chips of wood,

and she knows the whole story. 


Judy Hogan, as Mikhail Bazankov saw her in the 1990s. 

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