Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our Real Selves

Judy holding a green pear--look closely. Photo by Mark Schmerling.



February 16, 2014

We have to believe in 
the future in order to ward it off 
when the sky darkens and omens 
fall all around us.  Only the patient
serenity of our spirits, allowing each
day’s exuberance, will do it, will keep
us upright, well-balanced, firmly 
rooted in the miracle of present time.
–A Thread of Light V.

It boils down to one thing:
that exchange of light, that
mutual knowledge: here we are–
our real selves.  Nothing else.
We stand each alone, yet our
words make a link, a thread
of light.  It can’t be faked.
Once there, it stays.  We can
weaken it, deny it, run fast
away, but light–whether
physical or spiritual–is
indestructible.  Do we think
we can switch it off, douse
the flame?  We can try, but
something larger keeps
re-igniting what once burned
bright.  The very darkness
it inhabits preserves its uncanny 
power, its incandescent fire.  
Let it be.  Let it live.  Let go 
fear and doubt, those familiar
shadows.  Step into this light,  
Be the being whose soul you 
inherited and welcomed.

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  1. Another thought provoking beautiful poem. You have real talent, Judy.