Sunday, September 6, 2015

Omens That Comfort Me

Night-blooming cereus against the back wall of my home.



What are my omens this week?  What
signs have I been given to comfort me?
The weeded beets and carrots grow rapidly.
The tomato vines rise, dark green, and begin
their blossoming.  The new orchid opens
its last bud.  Thirteen hens give me
twelve eggs in one day.  When they see
me in the garden or orchard, they
rush to be near me.  Weary and aching
I crawl into bed after vigorous shoveling
and raking of chicken compost, sleep
hard and long, and rise like new.  My
cells still renew themselves while I
sleep so fast and so deeply I don’t
know I’ve gone to sleep until my mind
climbs ashore again.  My aging dog 
and I walk steadily everyday.  My 
ancient truck still runs well.  Friends
write and celebrate my successes.  My
fellow warriors in the coal ash fight
trust me.  I feel weighed down by work,
but I see where I’ve changed the picture,
made space between the rows.  Yes,
more work to do–always!–but I’m able
to do it.  I can’t outwit the natural world
but I can work with Her, grow food
and flowers.  The Muscadine vines 
have infant grape clusters.  Blueberries
and raspberries ripen.  Some fig limbs
are dead, but many more have put forth
leaves.  Other people want me to stay
lively and flourishing.  I will.


  1. Judy, I think any work outside whether it's in the garden or with your hens, is fulfilling. I saw some roses blooming this past week. While they bloom each June, they don't in the summer and then come back in the fall. I saw a beautiful fungi at the roots of a tree in the woods. It looked like a ruffled cauliflower. I haven't looked it up yet. Just walking in the woods daily raises my spirits, even though I've been a bit depressed by the weeks and weeks with no rain. You're doing everything to make life better both physically and emotionally. See you soon.

  2. Thank you,Gloria. It does help to have the outside world out my back door, the zinnias blooming like mad now, the orange cosmos and small sunflowers, the lantana--and recently the spider lilies or naked ladies popping up. The cereus has a bud but I'm not sure it will open all the way, or maybe I missed its one night of bloom. i picked my first okra pod today and a couple of small string beans. So much weeding made all this possible. Gardens give you back what you put in, for sure. Be well. Judy