Sunday, March 20, 2016

Haw: The Second Penny Weaver Mystery out May 1

Coming out May 1 and Pre-sales start now:  

Haw: The Second Penny Weaver Mystery by Judy Hogan. Hoganvillaea Books, PO Box 253, Moncure, NC 27559-0253. Paperback: $15.00 ISBN-13: 978-1518818141; E-book: $2.99. 190 pages.

To Pre-order: $16 if you pick up (includes tax); $19 if mailed.  Paperback available early May. E-book, May 1.  I'll be in Bethesda at the Malice Domestic Convention on May 1.

Book description:  

Penny Weaver, living in a shared house to save money, finds her unsavory, sex-obsessed landlord dead the day after Christmas.  An unusual snow storm, a housemate undeterred by detective orders from moving his inordinately large number of possessions, certified and uncertified maniac suspects, which include her housemates, the neighbors, and both the landlord’s wives, make it difficult for Penny and her Welsh lover to find love-making time, much less solve the mystery.  Despite the sheriff’s detectives arresting two innocent people, while keeping Penny in the dark, she collects the key information, and stops the killer when he finally panics.


Haw is a good follow up to The Sands of Gower. I enjoyed seeing Penny in her home environment of North Carolina. Even better was when her Welsh fiancé Kenneth Morgan comes to visit for Christmas. Penny and Kenneth try to solve the murder of Penny’s landlord with too many suspects involved. Then Penny’s intuition takes over. It’s a good read with a whodunit to solve before the satisfactory and funny ending.  --Gloria Alden, author of the Catherine Jewell mystery series. 

Jerry’s managed to annoy lots of people.  The dysfunctional roommates in the house he rents, and their friends.  His discontented wife and irate ex-wife.  His former neighbors.  But who was angry enough to kill him?  Why?  And who would have selected such a unique murder weapon?
Penny and her fiancé Kenneth need to figure this out before someone else becomes a victim.  Maybe Penny herself.  –K.M. Rockwood, author of the Jesse Damon mysteries.

An icy Christmas night; a crowded boarding house; a murdered landlord; warm fires; the smells of baked bread and roast turkey; thirteen suspects (including wife, ex, and the dog); and details fed like kindling to a smoldering fire, make Judy Hogan’s latest Penny Weaver mystery a mesmerizing and deeply satisfying read. Her masterful plot unfolds with perfect timing as her spirited heroine leads us through the murky light of the human heart to an ending that warms our own. Once you get started, you won’t put it down. –Walter Bennett, author of Leaving Tuscaloosa

Also I’m doing a give-away of five copies on March 29-April 26.  For Sands I had 769 people sign up for the give-away, and mailed five copies to women readers in N.C., Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado, and Ohio.  You can also follow my blog on my author site:

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