Sunday, July 10, 2016

Can Flowers Change Your Life?

Can Flowers Change Your Life? I.

October 18, 2015

They change mine.  The first frost warnings
are out.  I planted zinnias late–the big ones,
mixed colors.  I had to dig out high weeds,
fertilize, and then sow the fragile seed.
Grass flourished as the seeds became
seedlings, so I dug out the grass.  Then 
Wag became obsessed with unearthing 
voles.  I scolded but her deeper instincts 
were at work.  She must remove the voles 
herself. I put down cayenne pepper 
and fox urine granules.  Some of the 
voles moved into the lawn, but others 
merely hunkered down and waited.  
Meantime the flowers rose on long, 
healthy stems and began to bloom. 
By then it was September.  Undeterred 
by wind that pushed them over or 
erratic rain–too little or too much--they 
held high their blazing reds, oranges, pinks, 
whites, yellows, lavenders.  Once when I 
set a bouquet on the front stoop, a butterfly 
found them and left reluctantly.  Every time 
I see them in their part of the garden, in my
kitchen, on my dining table, or traveling 
in my car to give a friend, they tell me 
everything will be okay.  I seem to need 
reminding more and more these years, 
They bloomed, they still bloom, they keep 
on blooming.  Only a hard frost will still 
their cheerful voices.


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