Saturday, October 8, 2016

Why me? Why now?

My fig trees, August 2011 after Hurricane Irene.  Today we have wind and rain from Hurricane Matthew.  While I still have electricity, I'm posting my blog a day early.  I sustained fig tree damage for several years.  They're not back to this fruitfulness yet.

Can Flowers Change Your Life? XXIII.  May 29, 2016

Rain again.  This late spring we have
our share and more.  Slow drizzle on
wet green leaves. Carrots, onions, leeks, 
beets, peas, and now tomato and pepper
plants have their thirst quenched. Days
of hot sun disappeared for more of this 
rain that makes roots stretch and turn,
and lifts up new leaves and pea vine
tentacles to wrap themselves around
the old sign holders and new strings.
The coal ash and my new books pull
me out of my solitary life.  I speak,
and they listen intently.  Then they
give me gifts, buy my books, offer
me berries, send birthday greetings.
Why me?  Why now? I do know the
answer–so simple.  I have become
fully myself, and I easily reveal who
I am, not boasting, not standing on
ceremony, simply being who I was
meant to be, which took a lifetime
to find and then I wasn’t aware of
where I stood, on the mountain,
taking in all those people whom I 
could see in the valley, all looking
up with hope in their eyes and hearts,
seeking from me the faith I have
and scarcely recognize.  Yet it
accompanies me every day and
reassures me every night.


Zinnias from 2011.  This year's went in late, struggle today with high wind and rain.  A few live with me here.

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