Sunday, September 30, 2018

Shadows Twenty-Six

Photo of Wag during our morning walk by the retired Horse Vet. Wag is 16 years old, 112 in dog years. She still loves to walk.

Shadows Twenty-Six September 30, 2018

When Wag and I walk at the dam
shortly after it gets light, we meet
people, too. Two women–mother
and daughter--come to run. An older 
man walks his father’s dog round
and round. He tries not to see me,
but to my “Good morning,” he mutters,
“Morning.” I see fisher people below
on either side of the dam, watch how
the lake water is now being released
to rush downstream. A new figure
appeared. An older woman with a
camera. She talked to Wag, who
listened. I decided she must be a
dog-whisperer. When she held out
her hand, Wag slowly approached
and sniffed. Her truck license said,
“Neigh Dr.” She told me she was
a retired horse vet. Now she talks
to me, too. She’s watching for the
eagles who have a nest not far
away. I saw one once, perched
on a pipe the way the vultures do.
Until I was close, I didn’t see the 
white head and tail feathers. He
waited until I was close to fly off.
Perhaps he already knew me. I’m
sure the eagles know the horse
doctor. They’re probably curious.
She loves watching for eagles
and talking to Wag and me.


  1. Ah, Judy, I can think of no better way to start a day than to see you and Wag appear. Walking together while studying the dam and the lake and the river. Patiently storing memories as birds and butterflies pass by. May the peace shared between the two of you spread outward to help bring balance to our hurried and harried world. Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen

    1. Here I am, finding this after months have passed. Thank you. I got 1300 page views this past month, Dec. 23 back. I'm glad we suggest peace to you. It's always a treat to meet you at the dam among the eagles. Judy