Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Late Years Sixty

This photo taken in April 2017 as we celebrated Judge Fox of the Superior Court ruling in our favor.

The Late Years Sixty December 15, 2019

For John W., Keely, Therese, Donna, Dean, Sara, and Zack 

My plan did work. Steve agreed
to repair the steering column fluid
problem, and I got my truck fixed.
Nearly four weeks I’ve spent healing.
I still tire easily and sleep a lot.
My former husband is driving to see 
his granddaughter graduate from
college a semester early. She plans
graduate school to get her master’s.
She wants to be a therapist. I’ve
been one without the degree. So
many people I’ve comforted and
reassured, told “You can do it.” or 
“You’re okay.” I will learn to live
with my body and its whims, watch
for warning signs. Even Friday the
thirteenth became benign. Our judge
ruled for us this time. In 2016 she
ruled against us. She finally 
understood. Maybe she learned of
our losses: three treasured ones
died of cancer. They did all they
could. Only three of us came to
the November meeting; only I from
this little town; the rest in despair.
The next week eight people came,
mostly from Lee County. We were
locked out. We came here, crowded
around my dining table; laid plans.
December 6. A week later our judge
ruled. Not against us this time but 
for us. How rare is justice any more, 
but it found us this time: eight of us.  
We didn’t mention God, but He or She
was there.

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