Sunday, November 8, 2020

Talking to Myself Forty-Seven

 Bald eagle facing camera by Doc Ellen at Jordan Lake


Talking to Myself Forty-Seven  November 8, 2020

For Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

New visions, new hope. We celebrate.

Our next American president has a heart

big enough to love us all, very much

including those who voted against him.

He tells us, those on the ground and those

watching all over the world, that we are

now part of Joe Biden’s family. Those

words we learn as children: “with

liberty and justice for all” will come

true now. A white man and a black

woman say so. Joe and Kamala bring

their families, black and white, from

toddlers to the man who, at seventy-eight

will be our next president, onto the stage.

For those listening and watching, waving

flags, smiling and crying, they know they

are witnessing a new day, not only

in America, a land of “possibilities,” 

but in our world, in time to fight climate

change, to kill the pandemic that is

killing us, to tackle systemic racism.

More people voted this time than ever

 before: seventy-four million alone for

Biden. It took days to count all the 

ballots. But they counted them. We 

used our privilege–to vote.  Our voices 

and our votes made it possible. 

We can  once again believe in 

that elusive liberty, that justice for all.

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