Sunday, May 23, 2021

Being Wise 16

                             Early spring in my garden a few years ago.

Being Wise 16

I had to wait a week to see the doctor.

It hurt to walk, less if I took Tylenol

and soaked my right foot in Epsom Salt

water. I made muffins, less strenuous

than making bread. I missed my homemade

bread. The doctor fitted me with a kind of

shoe. It helped. The next day I made bread.

I was tired but relieved I'd have my own

bread again for toast and sandwiches.

The muffins got me through, but the bread

is cause for celebration. I walk more

easily, balance better. I'm reading a favorite

author. That helps. Soon I may walk outside

again. Dr. Williams knows what she's doing. 

Thank God.

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