Sunday, May 16, 2021

Being Wise Fifteen

            Purple Iris spring 2021 photo by Janet Wyatt

Being Wise Fifteen May 16, 2021

It’s harder to be wise 

when you’re in pain.

I have these twisted toes–

a “hammer toe” it’s called.

I’ll see a doctor in five days.

Meantime I soak my toes,

take Tylenol, read a good 

book, walk as little as

possible, but I do the dishes,

cook the supper, check the

email, make lemon grass 

tea, joke with my son, play

Glenn Gould playing Bach,

try to ignore my Achilles

heel, which, in my case, is 

my toes. Keep my sense

of humor. There are worse

things, and I sleep well.

Janet brings me books from

the library. Tim carries over

the bowl of hot water with

its Epsom Salt to soothe my

wayward foot. I have books

I love. I’ll make muffins

today. We’ll have Rigitoni

and cheese and Vegan rice

from Angelina’s. Only five

days now. Frustrating, but

I can cope.

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