Sunday, January 31, 2016

We Shall Not Be Moved: Coal Ash Threat

CCACAD Affirmations from meeting November 20, 2015.  Rose Hill AMEZ Church, Moncure. 27 poeple present.

We did an exercise affirming in the present tense the way we want our lives to be, that is, without coal ash poisoning in our air, water, and on our land.

I have safe, delicious well water, and I’m so thankful.

We have no one in our community fighting cancer!

I am enjoying our beautiful new park with all the walking trails!

We do not have cancer.

We have pure clean air.

I am healthy.

We are restoring and protecting nature.

We’re protecting wild life.

We have no coal ash in our community.  Period.

Duke Energy has quit lying.  They tell the truth.  Lingua Franca means: your language is blatant lies.

The state and local governments protect us from harm.

Our natural resources are the best, and we have a great quality of life.

We can discuss anything and be heard in working for the good.

We are healthy and happy.

We can trust others to listen and to work together.

It’s quiet and calm–no noise or light that disturbs our peace.

Our food and water is clean.

I feel secure to say what I want.

Everyone is alive here.

The animals are alive.

We are healthy.

We have enough water.

I can see leaves on the trees.

I am healthy.

I live in a safe environment.

Our community is coal ash free and I’m alive and healthy.

Everyone is healthy here.

Our water is clean!

We are healthy.

We have good gardens and fruit.

We don’t need coal ash dumped down here in Moncure.  We want clean air and water.  We want a safe and healthy home.  I’m old, and I’m healthy, and I am cancer-free.  Our community is coal ash free.  And I don’t want my family to be sick with any of the diseases from coal ash.  Duke needs help.

I am old. I am healthy.

I have a safe, healthy home.

Tell Duke to stop killing me and my pets.

My garden is healthy and so are my chickens.

There are no speeding trucks on my road, and the speed limit is 35 mph.

I can see leaves on the trees.

Our community is coal ash free, and I am exhilarated.

We live to our normal old age.

Our babies are smart and healthy.

I hang my clothes on the line.

Duke Energy has gone solar.
We all have solar roofs.

We enjoy playing with our children without worry.

Our garden has healthy vegetables that taste wonderful.

When I sit on my porch, I hear quiet, calming sounds of birds and leaves rustling.

The Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) takes care of people.

Duke Energy will go to all renewable energy.

Dirty politicians will go to jail.

Our air is not used as a trash can.

The community is coal ash free, and I am appreciative.

Our community does not have coal ash.

No coal ash is being transported by trucks.

Lynn Good has a conscience. [She is Duke's CEO]

Our air is clean.

There are no industrial accidents.

Duke Energy’s bullying has stopped.

The N.C. General Assembly cares about citizens.

We have clean water and air.

We have a safe and healthy region/community.

We are free of cancer.

Our community remains after a hundred years.

Duke Energy has paid its debt to our community village immensely.

My legacy can continue.

Keep coal ash out of my community.

I don’t like drinking dirty water.

My life means a lot to me.

So keep your coal ash out of Moncure.

I like having a life without your ash.

I do not like eating coal ash dust.

Keep Moncure clean.

All our houses have solar panels.

Our well water is clean.

Our river water is clean.

I am healthy.

My pets are healthy.

I can hear the birds along the roadways.

People want to come to Moncure because of our clean environment.

Duke Energy now lives on Mars.

Duke Energy gives $$ freely to our community.

Our trees are not destroyed.

On Friday, January 22, the first coal ash train arrived at the Brickhaven site where 12 million tons of coal ash are being dumped by Duke Energy, using Charah as the dumper.


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