Sunday, February 7, 2016

Good Reads Give-Away Feb. 8-Mar. 6

Beginning tonight at midnight (February 7) I'm offering five free copies of my first written, third published novel, The Sands of Gower.  You go to and you may have to search for me and the book:  you can enter me the author, Judy Hogan, the name of the book and/or the ISBN-13:978-1515191063.

I'm new at this, so I hope you can figure it out.  About March 6 or 7 they will have a drawing and choose five folks to whom I will then send a signed copy of The Sands of Gower. This in the U.S. only. This is a new adventure for me.  Because they're an Amazon company, they've picked up others of my books, too.  They are also streaming my blogs.  And I can answer your questions there, with short answers.  I'm only allowed 200 characters for each answer.

April 1, I'll run another give-away contest with the second Penny Weaver mystery:  Haw.  Here's what it looks like, and it's not due out until May 1, when I'm at the Malice convention in Bethesda:

I hope some of you will try this and tell me how it works on your end.  I'm a real newbie here.  My plan is to publish one of these mysteries in the Penny Weaver series every four months or so.  It will take me five years.  I believe you'll enjoy them, and if you do, I hope you'll tell me.  They'll cost $15 for paper and $2.99 for ebook.

I got a new comment on Sands this week from Donna Crowe in Goldsboro:

"I thoroughly enjoyed your book--the descriptions of the scenery, the characters, and best of all, my surprise at the murderer's identity.  I look forward to Penny's next adventure."

I also rated some of my favorite books on the Good Reads website. 

Photo taken at Malice in 2015 by Lee Sauer.

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