Sunday, February 21, 2016

Gene Dillard, Mosaicist

This is the front of Gene's house in Durham on a recent winter night.


I’ve known Gene Dillard since 1991, when he joined a class I was teaching at the Durham County Library.  He was writing poetry then, took several more classes with me and became quite a good poet.  Here’s an example:

                        CEIBA TREES

In the silence of Copan Ruins
the wind blows
through the Ceiba trees,
a symbol for the Mayans
of the ever present
spiritual world.
I am reminded
by the moaning wind,
as I view the deserted temples
that I am alone.
My loneliness forms itself into
dew droplets on the Ceiba leaves,
drips on to the stone reliefs
that make up this city.


These days Gene works in walls, making them beautiful.  His mosaics on a wall, of his garage or his house, often take him a year. He cuts up tiny pieces, including mirrors, and then places them on walls and other places, too, to make a new beauty.  Here is his recent mural from the other side of the front of his home in Durham.


And here is the chimney.

He says this is his neighborhood watch sign.  Gene is waving.


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