Sunday, May 8, 2016

Everything Takes More Courage

One of my White Rock hens.  Photo by John Ewing

Can Flowers Change Your Life? VI. January 24, 2016

Then ice came. The first day I put down
wood ashes and then crunched my way
through it to feed the hens.  I saved wood
and used the heat pump.  The electricity
did not go out Friday or Saturday,
though I had prepared.  All around me
ice had brought down power lines.
We were told not to travel.  I didn’t
even go out the front door.  I asked
Shawn to help me clear the ice off
the back steps, and when he walked
along the icy path to the coop, I 
followed with feed.  The hens had
already laid three eggs in the dark.
Everything takes more courage, but I 
do keep summoning it.  Today sun,
and no more ice showers.  I left the
small flaps open for the hens for light
because the cold coop doesn’t deter
them.  I ate warm muffins for breakfast
and meditated on the rest of my life.
Things settle into a routine again,
but there are frequent interruptions.
I’ve committed to stop the coal ash
if it’s humanly possible, to finish and
publish my Russian story.  I teach and
edit to pay the bills.  My physical strength
holds as long as I use it.  My balance
is better.  The sun is melting the ice.
The hens will reach the orchard.  I’ve
ordered seeds and will buy more bird
food.  People keep writing: Are you
warm?  Yes, warm, sane, determined to
live a good life, to age well, to be as
ingenious as ever, and as ready to love
those who reach out to me
as well as I can.


Judy selling books in Goldsboro's Wayne County Library, spring, 2015. Photo by Mary Susan Heath.

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