Sunday, May 15, 2016

Reader Comments on Penny Weaver Novels So Far

The Sands of Gower appeared December 1, 2015, the first in my Penny Weaver series.


I have just finished reading Sands. It is a sweet love story, as well as a masterful mystery. Knowing Penny before Kenneth gives depth to her character and prepares your readers for some of the conflicts she experiences in the later books. Having experienced something similar myself, it was very interesting to me to read a book where two grown people meet and fall in love and plan to balance their separate lives. I think the experience described in Sands is more common today than it has been, at least among the people I know well. 

The description of the scenery was beautiful--so vivid I could walk it in my mind. I feel like I've been to Gower. 

With the descriptions of these various couples and their relationships (with the exception of Evelyn and Harold), one can hope for better things for the "new" couple in the novel--Penny and Kenneth. 

Love your book, 
--Mary Susan Heath, writer in Goldsboro, NC


Haw: The Second Penny Weaver Mystery.  
Released May 1, 2016 

Haw is a testimony to how jealousy and anger can propel an average person to murder.

Penny often wonders what kind of mother could have raised such immature, impulsive, careless young men as both Curt and his twin brother Sy. Through her conversation with Kenneth, there is interesting social commentary on modern child rearing. Chrissy's behavior provides point and counterpoint to Penny's speculations. 
There are other pairs in the book as well and more social commentary. Penny and Kenneth's romance is "old love." Their relationship is a foil for that of Penny's daughter Sarah and her husband Ed. Theirs is new, young love. Penny's ability to hold her own in the relationship is contrasted with Sarah's clingy dependence on her husband. 

Ms. Hogan seems to be saying through her characters that a good marriage is indeed possible, but that it must be based on respect, as well as a mutual desire to allow the other person to be the best that he or she can be. Haw is a wonderful old school Who Done it, and a masterful social commentary on marriage and children. 
I loved it!!! 
–Mary Susan Heath, writer in Goldsboro


Nuclear Apples?  Coming September 1, 2016.

An early comment from NC WARN Director Jim Warren:

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Judy Hogan was involved in a real-life citizen movement to keep high-level radioactive waste from being shipped from around the Carolinas and stored at a nuclear plant near her home. She has turned that successful struggle into a thrilling whodunit. This book captures the feeling of community and empowerment that came from neighbors banding together for the common good, and it reminds us that the same courage and solidarity are still needed today to guide the conscience of corporations, governments and the media.

To order or pre-order a signed copy, send $19 (covers tax and postage) to Judy Hogan, PO Box 253, Moncure, NC 27559.

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