Sunday, August 28, 2016

How the Human Mind Manages Its Miracles

My small orchid in early spring, with daffodils a few years ago.

Can Flowers Change Your Life? XV.   March 27, 2016 Easter 

Easter dawns grey with rain.  Our weather
defies prediction, but rain is always welcome
here. New daffodils rise; azaleas open their
white and red.  The world is alive with 
the courage I must summon one more time.
Pink and white apple blossoms join peaches 
and pears.  The big orchid in the window 
sends out buds.  It hardly needs water for 
sustenance but must have light.  I woke 
too early, sleep elusive, my mind locked 
on realities I live with every day.  How 
the human mind manages its miracles 
I don’t know, but mine dies and lives 
again so often I can’t keep track.  Winning 
my slow, determined way through doubts
that assail me at three A.M. may be why 
I’m here. So let go fear.  Doubts and
worries, you’re dismissed.  I’m healing.
My old body summons itself.  
Rest, yes, but give up?  Never.


Zinnias in full bloom in October two years ago.  Now they begin.

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