Sunday, August 21, 2016

Nuclear Apples? Debuts September 1

Nuclear Apples? The Third Penny Weaver Mystery.

Publisher: Hoganvillaea Books.

Paperback: $15.00 ISBN-13: 978-1530404506 E-book: $2.99.

223 pages

Book description:  

Penny Weaver, a mid-50s unconventional poet/activist takes on a nuclear plant CEO who has political clout.  Against a backdrop of environmental racism Penny Weaver sticks her neck out to free her friend, Riverdell’s community leader and nuclear scientist, who is accused of murder.  Will Penny and her housemates’ dream of an apple orchard be defeated by the cataclysm of nuclear fire?  Two of the plant’s public relations directors who secretly offer information to the community group are shot.  Penny copes with a slit tire, being followed, her room vandalized, and police brutality at a sit-in, but still the real killer eludes her.  Suspects include Penny’s skinhead neighbor, the plant’s CEO, who instigates violence against the demonstrators, and a pro-nuclear power supporter.


In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Judy Hogan was involved in a real-life citizen movement to keep high-level radioactive waste from being shipped from around the Carolinas and stored at a nuclear plant near her home. She has turned that successful struggle into a thrilling whodunit. This book captures the feeling of community and empowerment that came from neighbors banding together for the common good, and it reminds us that the same courage and solidarity are still needed today to guide the conscience of corporations, governments and the media.
--Jim Warren, Executive Director of NC WARN

In this compelling story of community activism set in 1992, Penny Weaver stands firmly with others concerned about the dangerous storage of nuclear waste in close proximity to her neighborhood. Will those who control the nuclear plant stop at nothing to undermine those protesting, including murder?  –K.M. Rockwood, Author of the Jesse Damon mysteries.

Events Scheduled in North Carolina for Nuclear Apples?

September 7, Wednesday, 10-11 a.m., Interview on Sanford Radio station WDSG, 1079. with Hogan and Susan Benning.

September 13, Tuesday noon to 1 p.m., "Lunch and Learn," with Hogan conducting a short workshop on how she published Nuclear Apples?  Lee County Library, 107 Hawkins Ave., Sanford, NC.

Then same library: 6:30-8, Lee County Library, with a dramatized scene from chapter 3 of the novel.  Contact: Susan Benning.

September 22, Thursday, 3-6 PM, at the Pittsboro Farmers’ Market, to sell and sign books.

September 24, Saturday, 1-4 PM, May Memorial Library, Burlington, Local Authors showcase, 342 S. Spring St.

October 2, Sunday, 2 PM.  West Wake County Library, 4000 Louis Stephens Dr., Cary. Local Author Tea. 

October 15, Saturday, 3 P.M. Cumberland County Library, 401 W. Mountain St., Fayetteville. Reading.


Photo taken at Malice in May 2015 by Lee Sauer.

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