Sunday, July 1, 2018

Shadows Eleven

Photo of my White Rock hens several years ago, by John Ewing

Shadows Eleven June 17, 2018

A friend who is four years older,
still working hard with mower 
and chainsaw, had a stroke. It’s
what the doctors worry about
with me. I’ve eased off the hard
physical labor, but I still carry
water to the hens, rake, hoe, and
plant seeds, dig out weeds. I wrote
a new novel in April and May, and
now I type it. I cook and clean,
but I rest when I’m tired, still sleep
hard at night, avoid high heat days.
The body has its signals, tells me
to ease up, take a break, but it
doesn’t mean I can’t still do most
things. And my muse is still lively. 
I notice small signs, read the souls
of others better than they know or
want to know. Wesley surprised
me. His early love not dead at
eighty-one, his fantasy still alive;
mine, locked in memory. Most
loves faded or fell silent. Only 
one burns bright still and, like
a sun in the underworld, 
outshines all the lesser ones.

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